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Armoured Car Services

INTELLIGENTS UK incorporating Armoured Car Services ( ACS ) are proud to be in association with a world-recognised armouring company who have been producing new armoured vehicles globally. Clients who include Government Officials, Business Leaders, International Corporations, Religious Leaders and High Net Worth Clients to name a few.

Armoured Car Services are also now hiring out these protective vehicles in the UK and also into Europe, providing a select range of Armoured vehicles from Land Rover , Jaguar, BMW and also Mercedes to name a few. Please contact us for all hiring enquiries.

With people not wanting to buy a brand new armoured vehicle, we now have the capability of offering for sale armoured vehicles which are no longer needed by their owners as most of them have upgraded. Please contact us for our pre owned Armoured vehicles stock list.

Having the option of also having your own vehicle Armoured to whatever level of ballistic protection you need, including just partial armouring of the car such as doors/windows means that we can provide the whole product, here in the UK and also globally.

We are also able to provide many other pieces of ballistic equipment and services under our Ballistic provisions section, along with many other products which you may need for any operational theatre, or even during your own course of business or social calendar.
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