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Guard & Protection Dogs

Over the recent years security dogs and protection dogs have become an increased asset for any security company.

They have a proven track record of deterring many types of criminals. Are able to protect a hander and a client with speed and accuracy.

Where security personnel, even with near perfect vision, may not be able to see something accurately a guard dog can, they will locate and indicate an intruder or potential threat. Our guard dogs are trained to detect and challenge anyone who poses any threat, however small. They can be deployed in many situations, including:

Building sites:
  • Offices
  • Public places,festivals and private functions
  • Residential property
  • On the streets patrolling
Providing a variety of services such as:
  • Narcotic detection
  • Bomb detection
  • Search & Rescue
  • General Purpose

All handlers and their dogs will receive regular training and ongoing assessments. Our security dogs and handlers develop close relationships from working together day and night in many different situations from training to living together. All dogs are have regular health checks and are fully insured whilst on duty. We can provide you with dogs and handlers for narcotics (drugs), explosive search dogs and general purpose dogs around the UK. Our Security Dogs are fully trained and qualified with organisations such as: NASDU & NTIPDU.

Protection Dogs For Sale

Our highly trained protection dogs will protect you, your home and family. We select only the very best working dogs from the most reliable sources in Europe, and we rigorously test each dog’s suitability before it enters our training programme. We take only the very best dogs, and continually assess each dogs performance throughout an intensive training course carried out by experienced, professional protection dog trainers. The ones that meet our high standards emerge as sociable, confident dogs with the capability and commitment to fearlessly defend those they protect from any threat or attack.

The dogs are trained for families and individuals from all walks of life, both here in the UK and across Europe.With many years of Police Dog training and handling, we believe the expertise of our dog trainers knowledge and experience is second to none.

All members of the dog training team have trained and handled dogs in threatening and violent situations. This skill set is used to produce the very best protection dogs available anywhere in the UK.
Our senior training staff have literally decades of experience in training police dogs in UK police services.

They have trained hundreds of large breed dogs to home office strict standards and whilst the requirements of a protection dog are different to that of a police dog ,when a dog defends its owner there is little difference.

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