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Private Investigations

INTELLIGENTS UK are able to provide investigation services to any client requiring them. We are able to investigate many matters, ranging from but not limited to:
  1. 1. Matrimonial
  2. 2. Theft
  3. 3. Child custody, and more
  4. 4. Child abduction or situational concern
  5. 5. Independent verification of living situation (co-habitation)
In any case where we investigate we adhere to strict protocol developed to always have the clients best interested in mind. We will always act in a discretional manner, and will never obtain information illegally, to minimise inadmissibility.

We will produce an investigation report which can be accompanied if required by an Affidavit.

Intelligents UK are committed to providing the most professional services always.

For a confidential discussion please contact our office to speak to our security adviser.


INTELLIGENTS UK is a London based privately owned British security and risk management company with substantial experience and expertise, providing a wide range of specialist services to a world-wide client-base, international agencies and the international corporate sector.