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Project Management and Security Consultancy

INTELLIGENTS UK have the experience and professional knowledge in managing a wide variety of projects around the world. We have many outstanding abilities in this field some of which include:
  • The ability to determine, supply and service client requirements from concept to completion
  • Working diligently to ensure that every step of the process is carried out in a manner which is conducive to both the client and environment

Security Risk Assessment:

Our corporate risk assessment will identify all your security issues, and will start with evaluation of your organisation. This will target any weakness in your current security policy and systems, or potential risks for new sites. Security Audits: Our security audits will take an in-depth evaluation of your organisation. We will look at systems you already have in place, and make recommendation based on our perception of change that will be required over the coming months or years.

Consultancy for construction:

We can provide specialist security consultancy for construction projects. We can advise architects and designer on how to keep their building sites safe, before the project in finished, and after. We may recommend a wide range of security procedures and tools, such as:
  • CCTV design
  • Manned guarding
  • Access control & physical security
  • Patrol strategy and more...

Security design

If you are designing a new building or considering a refurbishment it is important to safeguard the expensive equipment and supplies that will be required on a day to day basis. Many sites will have items stolen, such as copper and led piping, or JCBs that can cost mass amount of money, but can vanish in hours. We can help to reduce these risks by designing a bespoke and unique security plan.

Security policies:

We are able to provide exclusive and comprehensive security documentation for your company. This can cover all aspects of security arrangements including draft policies for your approval. Some policies may include access control, key holding and more.


INTELLIGENTS UK is a London based privately owned British security and risk management company with substantial experience and expertise, providing a wide range of specialist services to a world-wide client-base, international agencies and the international corporate sector.