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Security Drivers and Chauffeurs

" Your safety is never compromised "

INTELLIGENTS UK recognise that around the world there is an ever increasing hostile and violent society. We want to make sure that our VIPs are kept safe at all times; we do this by supplying a security driver. We ensure that they can carry out their everyday activities with the knowledge that their security, safety and privacy is being cared for.

We can supply experienced, qualified and professional security drivers or chauffeurs to ensure that the safety of our executives and VIPs is never compromised.

Our security drivers or chauffeurs are highly trained in customer care and confidentiality, as well as:
  • Defensive driving
  • Strict route planning
  • Counter surveillance and anti-surveillance
  • Evasive driving techniques
We realise one of the most important security aspects is route selection and preparation work, it is so important to have secondary, and maybe even tertiary routes selected for any outcome. When travelling abroad our drivers will be fully brief on the relevant laws and driving expectations. We are able to offer our VIP's some of the most executive cars on the market, such as Roll Royce,Bentley,Mercedes,Jaguar and many more besides.

Special Occasions

These are available for many occasions including:
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays and parties
  • Special events
  • Business meetings
  • Hotel transfers
  • Pick-ups and drop-off’s
All cars will undergo a full security search before any VIP is allowed to be driven in them,this includes interior and exterior searching.


INTELLIGENTS UK is a London based privately owned British security and risk management company with substantial experience and expertise, providing a wide range of specialist services to a world-wide client-base, international agencies and the international corporate sector.