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Why undertake Due Diligence and Investigations?

Due Diligence and Investigation will allow a client to access a wealth of important information; this therefore significantly reduces the risks the client many face when perusing new business ventures, with those who may have a questionable past.

In order to sustain a solid business reputation, safeguarding is critical – perusing a business venture with a questionable partner could invoke the ‘guilty by association’ thought process. INTELLIGENTS UK has also established contacts in Eastern Europe and Africa, thus allowing better management of an extensive network of sources and services.

Our strength lies in a flexible approach complimented by highly professional management and experienced field teams. INTELLIGENTS UK provide a variety of specifically bespoke investigation services, for those in many situations and positions, such as:
  • Private investors
  • Those dealing with investment funds
  • Law firms
  • Multinationals
  • Business consultants
  • Risk management companies
  • Real estate developers
We are also able to provide services for:
  • Reputational due diligence
  • Business investigations
  • Employee screening (or vetting)
  • Vendor and supplier integrity
  • Counter surveillance
  • Information technology forensics

Our services will include many aspects of checks, including CRB (criminal records) and police files, credit ratings and financial reports, insolvencies and bankrupt files, media profiles and corporate affiliations. These are just a number of checks that are carried out, for a more comprehensive overview please contact our office and speak to an advisor.


INTELLIGENTS UK is a London based privately owned British security and risk management company with substantial experience and expertise, providing a wide range of specialist services to a world-wide client-base, international agencies and the international corporate sector.