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Residential Security (RST)

At INTELLIGENTS UK we believe that the best possible security for the residential sector is that of an overt approach, criminals need to clearly see that there is no hole in security, no specific routine that they can learn and optimally be deterred from trying to breach security. 

There are many different types of criminals including the opportunist or the professional (career criminal).

If the criminal cannot identify a possible way to breach security they will realise the risk will out way the gain and move to the next target. INTELLIGENTS UK can provide a professional 24/7 service if needed that can monitor any existing alarms, CCTV systems and motion sensors.

Any security equipment that is in place as the residence will only be as effective as the people employed to monitor and act upon it.

If a problem should arise the correct procedures and course of action will be put into motion.

There is nothing better than a good RST.

RST officers will:

  • Conduct regular internal and external patrols
  • Control access to the property
  • Monitor CCTV or other technology
  • Check any deliveries and parcels for any tampering of anomalies
  • Record and monitor suspicious activity
  • Search visitors and cars if necessary
  • React to any threat posed to the client, their family or assets
  • Liaise with police and emergency services when necessary and more…


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